The April Theses - 2017

In March 1917 Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov (LENIN), leader of the revolutionary Bolshevik Party, was leaving exiled in Zurich. Within eight months he assumed the leadership on 16000000 people occupying one sixth of inhabited surface of the world. On April 9th, with the support of German authorities, at that time in war with Russia, he travelled back to his own country on a train across Germany, Sweden and Finland to reach Finland Station in St. Petersburg on April 16th where, after a decade in exile, he take the reins of the Russian Revolution. One month before, Czar Nicholas II had been forced from power when Russian army troops joined a workers’ revolt in Petrograd, the Russian capital. In a ten bullet point document, known as "The April Theses",  Lenin called for the overthrow of the Provisional Government and outline the strategy which, within seven months, will lead to the October Revolution and bring the Bolsheviks to power. 100 year later I created a chronology of two weeks of Lenin's life just before the events that changed Russia and the entire world. In search of the original draft of “The April Theses” I recreated and sometime reacted, on a real non-invented trip, Lenin’s epic journey on the base of archival documents found I found at the R.G.A.S.P.I (Russian State Archive of Soviet Political History) and on the bases of historical books including “To Finland Station” by Edmund Wilson and “The Sealed train” by Michael Pearson. The final work is a collection of contemporary landscapes, forensic archival photographs and staged self-portrait which retrace a journey in space and time.