A People's Friendship, 2016

"Over the past two years, the Italian photographer Davide Monteleone has been visiting the border areas of China and Russia to investigate the historical, religious, social and economic relationships between the two countries. His photographs, some of which appear here, are part of a collective project to document the life of these regions. “The border lies about 6,000km from Moscow and 2,000km from Beijing,” he says. “Chinese and Russians [here] live so far from the central power that I was very curious to see their daily lives. I discovered different cultures mixing together; surviving despite the decisions made by their governments far away.”" FT Magazine, 06/01/2016



*"Invisible Bridges", The New Yorker:

"Over the past two centuries, there have been periodic tensions between Russia and China, including some serious border conflicts, and historically Russia has usually held the upper hand. But nowadays, at the personal level, Monteleone notices a different dynamic."  read more

*"People's Friendship", ChinaFile:

"It takes a brave man to jump off a moving train for the sake of a sale, but the clothes hawkers had the easy courage of men who did this on the regular. I watched as they leapt off the front carriage as the train chugged into a station with no stop, bundles of cheap Chinese jeans and jackets on their arms, exchanged hurried words and cash with waiting Russians, and jumped back on the last carriage as the Trans-Siberian trundled steadily toward Moscow from Ulaanbaatar."  read more